The Use of Lifting Hoists in the Construction Industry

The most common use for lifting hoists, or any piece of lifting equipment for that matter, is for lifting and lowering tasks. While they can, and are, used for a variety of other applications too, the lifting, lowering and moving of loads remains their primary function.

Hoists play a huge role in the construction industry

One of the heaviest industries relying on this is the construction industry. So just what role do lifting hoists play?

The construction industry

This industry is one of the most important in the world, as every other single industry relies on it in some way. Perhaps it’s the warehousing sector, needing the construction of the warehouse before the industry can even get started. Our maybe it’s the housing sector, where the constructing of the house is the end product.

It involves the building of the places we work, the roads we drive on, and the transport that we use every day. With this in mind, it’s one of the oldest industries in the world, with a history dating back to at least the New Stone Age, set somewhere between 9000 BC to 5000 BC!

Lifting equipment has been a huge part of construction for hundreds of years, and the two are closely interlinked. As developments are made to this equipment and hoists, capabilities of construction projects continue to grow.

We continuously see a new project crowned as “the tallest building in the world”, and we’re sure we haven’t quite reached the peak yet! It’s said that by 2020, this industry could be worth as much as $10.3 trillion worldwide.

construction industry

Thanks to this equipment, we see fantastic projects such as this completed

The use of lifting hoists in this sector

Lifting hoists are used in a few ways for construction projects. There are several applications that require lifting and lowering, which may be:

  • The placing of items onto the building, i.e bricks or roofs
  • The lifting and lowering of materials
  • The lifting and lowering of builder’s tools
  • They are even used to lift and lower the builders themselves
  • Some hoists will help suspend worker’s, allowing them to work safely at height

It’s crucial to note that while some items or pieces of equipment on a building site may help to simply increase efficiency or speed, lifting hoists are absolutely critical to the completion of many projects. Without them, we simply wouldn’t have many of the buildings or infrastructure that we see and use every single day.

We have a wide range of hoists available, and many of them can be used for the construction industry. There are manual chain hoists, manually operated by workers, or their electric and air counterparts. These two are particularly popular in this sector, as they take a great deal of strain off of workers.

Another common hoist used in this industry are scaffold hoists and gantry hoists. These fit on to either scaffolding or gantry cranes respectively, two common pieces of infrastructure that you will find on any construction site.

If you operate within this industry and are looking for suitable equipment, it’s best that you first speak to an expert. Find our details below!

Are you looking for more information?

While the construction industry is arguably the biggest user of lifting hoists around the world, that makes their role in other sectors no less important. They are used in many other industrial environments, such as chemical and power plants or oil refineries. Alongside this, they enjoy other uses as well, such as in the entertainment or convention industries.

If you’d like to discuss their use in the construction sector, or another sector, please find our contact details here.


Image credits: David McBee and smarko
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