Lifting Cars and Trucks with Lifting Hoists

In our detailed article Applications and Uses for Lifting Hoists, we have examined how this equipment is used in dozens of industries around the world for many varying applications. One such application is where they are used for lifting cars and trucks.

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The primary use for the lifting and lowering of cars comes in the form of car garages, perhaps for maintenance, repairs or other jobs such as spray painting. The automotive sector is a large one, with an annual turnover of around £59.3 billion every year within the UK.

lifting cars and trucks

Lifting hoists can be of great assistance in car garages

This sees the employment of over 730,000 people, and there are currently around 31.7 million cars in the UK, while the use of lorries and trucks is declining; but still very much prevalent in the transport industry.

How can lifting hoists help when lifting cars and trucks?

There are many ways that hoists work with cars and trucks. Within the garages themselves, they are used to lift these vehicles, helping repairs or maintenance to be carried out. Often, a worker will need to operate underneath the vehicle, and a hoist can hold it safely in place while this is done. They are also used in conjunction with mobile floor cranes to lift engines out of these vehicles.

You may also find that they are used on the road too, to help pull broken down vehicles onto the back of repair trucks. Lifting hoists aren’t only used for lifting and lowering, but can also be used for pulling and tensioning too.

The manufacturing sector will also make heavy use of hoists when it comes to the manufacturing of the automobiles in question. The equipment will be used along the production line in order to assemble the vehicles and lift the heavy parts and pieces.

Lifting hoists can help vehicles get out of sticky situations!

So what are some examples of hoists used for these applications? We find that there are two popular types that this industry tends to go for. The first are lever hoists, also known as pull lifts. These are like manual chain blocks, and are operated by a worker cranking the lever up and down. This equipment is used for lifting and lowering applications, but can also be used for the tensioning and pulling tasks that we mentioned above.
The other popular piece of equipment, and the one that is used in many other industries around the world too, is the electric hoist. This is an electrically operated hoist, and is particularly sought after as it removes much of the strain and pressure that workers would otherwise face.

Automobiles, especially trucks, are incredibly heavy pieces of equipment, and workers would have little luck lifting these manually! It is also much safer for workers to be able to operate well clear of the automobiles being lifted.

Would you like to find out more?

Lifting cars and trucks is just one of the many ways that lifting hoists are used around the world. Other typical uses include:

There are an almost limitless number of uses for lifting hoists, and as the technology continues to adapt and develop, so too does that way in which they are used. If you are interested in sourcing a lifting hoist for your own industry, or just in finding out more, please find all of our contact details here.


Image credits: RyanMcGuire and nightowl
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