The Importance of Expert Advice When Working with Electric Hoists

Electric hoists are incredibly useful pieces of equipment, and have helped to dramatically change the way in which businesses can conduct lifting and lowering operations. It’s perhaps unsurprising that their usage continues to increase in the modern world, given the fact that we have begun to use more and more electrical devices every single day.

It’s important that you speak to the experts

However, despite their incredibly useful nature, there are still a number of safety aspects that relate to this product. Here we have explained the importance of ensuring that you seek expert advice both before, and during, operation of electric hoists.

Requirements of the law

The first, and perhaps most important, reason that you must seek expert advice is that it will help to ensure that you stay on the right side of the law. There are various rules, regulations and pieces of legislation that relate to lifting equipment, and this includes electric hoists.

Some of these pieces of legislation are:

As you can see, there are many types of rules that govern this industry, and each one is a hefty piece of legislation in its own right. Unless you know these documents inside out, or you have plenty of time to set aside to learn them, it can be extremely useful to find out everything that you need to know from the experts.

expert advice

The experts will keep you up to date with all relevant guidelines

Knowing where and when not to use your equipment

It’s important that you are aware in what situations you should or shouldn’t use your equipment. Despite the huge number of benefits that are offered to you by electric hoists, there are still some drawbacks that you must consider.

For example, the majority of electric hoists can’t be used in hazardous environments due to the risk of sparking and explosions. For that reason, ATEX certified hoists have been designed. Unsure of the difference between the two? That’s why experts are so useful!

Choosing the right piece of equipment

Just a quick look at our electric hoists product page will show you that there are a huge number of different types of hoist available. With different lifting capabilities, functions, sizes and shapes, it can be hard choosing between them.

But each has been designed with a specific application in mind, and it’s important that you don’t just pick the first one that you see. Speaking to an expert about your needs will ensure that you receive the best and most suitable equipment for the job.

Get the most out of your equipment

There are a number of things to think about with electric hoists. Such as how to use it in the right way, how to store it, and how to best to extend its service life. Factors such as these will not only ensure that your equipment lasts longer, but it’ll also mean that you can get the most out of it too.

While some parts may be obvious, the experts will be able to provide you with all the tips and tricks.

Looking for expert advice?

If you’re looking for some expert advice from the experts themselves on electric hoists but you aren’t sure where to turn, then you need look no further! With plenty of years’ experience within the industry, we consider ourselves something of experts here at Lifting Hoists Direct. To find out more about our range of electric products, or any of our other pieces of equipment, please get in touch with us here.



Image credits: 3dman_eu and Geisteskerker
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