Some Predications About What the Future Holds for Hoists

Hoists are now one of the most common pieces of equipment in many industries around the world, from construction and engineering to mining and oil & gas. While the everyday person may not be so familiar with just how extensively hoists are used, there is no doubt that they have had an impact in their…
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The Versatility of Scaffold Hoist Uses

Scaffold Hoist Uses Scaffold hoists are one of the most popular types of hoist used in industry, and although, as their name may suggest, they are traditionally used with scaffolding, they are actually extremely versatile. Read on below for more information on scaffold hoist uses. What industries will you see scaffold hoists being used in?…
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Tips to Increase Hoist Life Spans

A hoist, regardless of its shape, size or lifting capability, will work in much the same way as the rest of the pieces of lifting equipment within the hoist family. While all pieces of lifting equipment will gradually wear down over the years, there are several ways that you can increase hoist life spans, and…
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5 Hoist Videos from YouTube

5 Hoist Videos They say that actions speak louder than words, so to help demonstrate that we thought we would put together an article with a few hoist videos from YouTube. We don’t own these videos ourselves and some are several years old, but the content and the message in the videos still stands true. Whether…
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How to Move Hoists Safely

There’s a good chance that you’ll need to use your hoist in multiple places around a worksite, or maybe even between multiple worksites. It’s important that you always move equipment safely and properly to avoid any unnecessary damages or harm to yourselves or the objects that you’re working with. Here we’ve explained a little more…
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Seven Deadly Sins to Avoid with Hoisting Devices

Although lifting hoists make up just a small part of the huge lifting gear and lifting equipment industry, hoisting devices in themselves are a huge and broad category, involving multiple items and pieces of equipment. Hoisting Devices- Sins to Avoid The range of functions and applications that they have means that it can be easy…
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How to Protect a Hoist from Overload

All pieces of lifting equipment have a maximum lifting weight, and hoists are no different. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that overloading your hoist with a weight that it can’t handle isn’t a good thing; remember that recommendations are in place for a reason! Below are some easy steps that you can…
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