Monthly Archives: December 2017

Using Lifting Hoists to Lift Engines

We recently put together a large article, titled Applications and Uses for Lifting Hoists, to demonstrate just how varied a use this equipment has. While the majority of this article focused on more general uses in larger industries, such as the construction, mining and warehousing sectors, we also examined very specific and more niche uses […]

Using Lifting Hoists to Clean Chandeliers

As you may have gathered from some of our previous articles on the applications and uses of lifting hoists, they are an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Whether it’s being used to move around heavy loads on construction sites or to transport stock in the warehousing industry, it’s safe to say they are an important […]

Tips When Buying a Lever Hoist

A Lever hoist is a portable device used to lift, lower and pull loads of varying weights. They are easy to use and require little maintenance, but as is the case with any piece of lifting equipment, there are a number of tips that should be followed when purchasing. Read on below to find out […]

7 FAQs About Scaffold Hoists

One unique type of hoist that we stock here at Lifting Hoists Direct is the scaffold hoist. While its name may give some clues as to what it is used for, there is plenty more to discuss where this equipment is involved! Read on below for seven of the most frequently asked questions about scaffold […]

Applications and Uses for Lifting Hoists

Despite their somewhat small nature, lifting hoists are incredibly versatile and adaptable pieces of equipment, finding uses in dozens of industries around the world. While cranes form the foundations for lifting operations, they wouldn’t be able to complete their task without lifting hoists working alongside them. To demonstrate just how useful this piece of equipment […]

The Use of Lifting Hoists in Warehouses

Warehouses are crucial structures, providing an invaluable service to millions of businesses and individuals around the globe. Some warehouses are small in nature, but others are huge, with towering stacks of stock, almost inaccessible if it weren’t for lifting equipment. Lifting hoists, equipment that has so many uses, sit at the heart of this; find […]

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