Subsea Hoisting Equipment

 A range of subsea lifting equipment for offshore lifting applications can be supplied by Lifting Hoists Direct. These can be used under-water either manually (by a diver, for example) or remotely. (using a ROV).

We can supply a range of sub sea lifting equipment including lever hoists and chain blocks suitable for subsea and marine lifting operations.

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What is Subsea Lifting Equipment?

The term ‘subsea’ describes fully submersible equipment, operations or applications. Subsea hoisting equipment and subsea systems are often associated with many industries. Off shore industries such as oil & gas, marine science, off-shore engineering and sea bed surveying are some examples. Oil-rig maintenance ocean exploration, shipwreck recovery, sea floor mining are other key areas. However there are many more offshore lifting operations. Above all subsea lifting is a specialised field where all subsea equipment has to comply with stringent regulations.subsea hoists

What types of Subsea Hoists are Available?

Lifting Hoists Direct has a collection of lever hoists and chain blocks suitable for this type of environment.

Our subsea systems have lifting capacities up to 20000kg. In addition to some models being specifically designed to be used with a ROV – a remotely operated vehicle. ROV’s are usually tethered to a vessel/ship with an umbilical tether. The tether is used by the operator to send signals and instructions to the equipment.

This subsea equipment enables lifting operations and intricate tasks to be safely carried out with the range of interfaces available. These are easy to attach and include the hydraulic hot-stab connection; the rotary torque receptacles classes 3, 2 & 1, and the ‘D’ handle, ‘T’ bar or ‘Fishtail’ direct drive manual connector.

Suitability for Subsea Conditions

Subsea lifting hoists are more than your standard industrial lifting hoists. They have to be much more, because they are going to be used in salty sea water. These briny conditions greatly accelerate corrosive conditions. In addition, being immersed in water will undoubtedly wash away the special greases and lubricants that keep the hoist functioning. There is also the possibility of debris swimming into the mechanics and as a result adversely affecting a standard hoist.

With special Subsea lifting equipment these issues are removed or greatly reduced. This is due to their special corrosion protection and design features. The hoisting devices are able to cope with the extreme subsea environment. All components have been fully tested and certified and pass the necessary standards needed for sub sea lifting use.

Buying Subsea Hoists

Before you purchase a subsea hoist you should fully inspect the specifications. Also read the manufacturers instructions to ensure they are suitable for your requirements. Working conditions are not the only thing to take into consideration. For example the number of hours it will be in constant use may also impact your choice. This subsea equipment are specialised lifting hoists for use in the marine and offshore industry.

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