The Value of Buying a Hoist Which is ATEX Certified

A quick browse of our product section will show you that we have a whole range of hoists here at Lifting Hoists Direct. While some product names will make it clear what they are used for, others, such as our ATEX hoists, may not be so immediately obvious. Here we have given a brief overview of just what this type of lifting equipment is, and what value ATEX certified hoists hold if you purchase one.

What is an ATEX certified hoist?

ATEX is an abbreviation that stands for the French phrase ATmosphères EXplosibles. As you may guess, this refers to an environment or atmosphere that is explosive in nature, or could be explosive if certain conditions happen.

Therefore, an ATEX certified hoist is one which has deemed to be safe for use within such environments. There are two reasons that ATEX certifications are necessary:

  • Lifting operations are still heavily required within explosive atmospheres, and many industries can’t afford to not use this equipment
  • Some equipment, such as electric hoists, can have a risk of sparking during operation, which can cause fires

It is worth noting that it doesn’t necessarily take much for an atmosphere to be explosive. Dust particles can be enough to cause fires and explosions. There are three factors that are required to cause a fire or explosion:

  • Some kind of flammable substance, such as the dust that we have mentioned above
  • An oxidizing agent, such as oxygen in the air
  • A source of ignition, like a flame or spark, or even simply a hot surface

Why this must be taken seriously

So, what is the value of buying a hoist which has been ATEX certified? Well, it is equipment that has been designed with those three factors for an explosion in mind. Safety, at the forefront of the minds of those working with lifting gear, is guaranteed with this equipment.

atex certified

ATEX certified equipment is great for potentially hazardous environments

And, furthermore, any equipment that has this certification will comply with all relevant EU regulations. This means that you can be assured that you are staying on the right side of the law when operating in this environments.

These EU directives are:

  • ATEX 95 equipmentdirective 94/9/EC, which relates to the equipment being used
  • ATEX 137 workplacedirective 99/92/EC, which relates to the health, safety and protection of workers

Alongside the obvious specific benefits that come from ATEX certified equipment, there is the added value that you will find with any equipment that you purchase from us. All of our gear is high quality and built to last. And, it will ensure that you workers are kept safe and your operation is kept productive.

Ready to place an order?

If you would like to find out more about operating safely in these environments, or how our equipment can help, then we would be more than happy to speak with you. Please find a full list of all of our contact details here.



Image credit: Skitterphoto
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