Wire Rope Hoists

Wire rope hoists are a specific type of electrically powered hoist. They use wire ropes as opposed to the usual steel chain used on standard electric hoists. A rope hoist is typically used in areas where heavy duty lifting equipment is needed. Such as heavy foundries, large factories and manufacturing plants.

Why Choose A Wire-Rope Hoist?ZX wire rope hoists

An electric wire rope hoist device is more suitable for heavy duty lifting applications. This is due to the fact that the right rope can lift much heavier loads when compared to chain hoists. Also wire ropes will not likely drop the load immediately if overloaded or shock loaded. Or the rope fails as there are many wires and strands which make up the wire ropes and it is unlikely that they will all break at once. Leaving some intact to hold the load until safely lowered. With a chain hoist, if just 1 chain link breaks the lift will fail straight away and the load will fall.

Types of Wire Rope Hoists

Lifting Hoists Direct supply three main types of wire rope hoist systems. Standard headroom monorail hoists, foot/base mounted rope hoist systems and crab units. The hoists that we supply come from top manufacturers and boast many benefits when compared to other rope hoist machines. Our hoists boast a more open design with the motor and brake situated on the outside of the hoist. This makes them easily accessible for servicing and maintenance. With most other wire rope rope hoist manufacturers they have all the critical components housed within a closed unit and are much more difficult to access. They often come with ‘black-box’ type electrics too, so often their own more costly specialists are needed to fix any issues. Another benefit to our wire rope hoists is that the gearbox is situated within an easy access cover. This prevents dirt ingress yet allowing easy access for inspections. The wheels on the trolley systems are also easy to change. These hoists are designed to the highest of standards with top specifications. Unparalleled reliability & endurance, easy maintainability and high user friendliness, all at the most competitive prices. Call our sales team for a quick quote.

Standard Headroom / Monorail Wire-Rope Hoist

These standard types of electric rope hoist are typically used on single girder overhead crane systems. They come complete with their own incorporated trolley system which sits on the bottom beam/girder flange. Standard headroom hoists are normally utilised where there is no working height restrictions under the beam. This is because the hoist is suspended below the beam and therefore decreases the maximum height of lift of the crane.

Foot or Base Mounted Wire-Rope Hoist

This type of hoist can be fixed directly to a gantry type framework which renders it a static hoist. It is possible however to mount this hoist onto a suitable trolley system. Such as a crab unit trolley, turning it into a mobile lifting hoist. It can also be used to replace an irreparable hoist on a crab unit.  These foot mounted hoists are ideal for areas where hoist travel is not required, and will be used in situ for applications such as repair work.

Crab Unit Wire Rope Hoist systems

Crab units are for use on a double girder crane and are ideal for extra heavy duty lifting operations with higher safe working loads available. A crab unit spans the 2 girders and runs along the top edge. The hoist sits on the crab trolley and the rope with hook will descend between the two girders to attach to the load. This type of hoisting system enables the maximum possible height of lift under the beam, however, because the unit sits on top of the beam, more height will be required above the cranes beam / girder, up into the roof space.
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