Minifor Hoist

Minifor Hoist 

Lifting Hoists Direct can supply a wide range of Minifor Hoist devices as well as offering a maintenance and inspection service. This is a highly portable Hoist to which many accessories are available.

Minifor Hoist

The Minifor hoist is a compact electric hoisting device suitable for lifting and pulling applications. Due to its easier portability when compared to a standard electric hoist the Minifor portable hoist can benefit a wider range of applications.

Key Features Of A Portable Hoist

This portable hoist incorporates a feed through wire rope and a self clamping drive system to provide unlimited wire rope travel.  The drive system is created by a pulley with shaped grooves which clamp the wire rope by two swivelling rollers when under load. The rollers incorporate a pre-clamping spring to ensure the wire rope stays on the pulley when not loaded.

These portable hoists should only be used with the proper manufacturers wire rope to ensure full safety and efficient use. Each portable mini hoist is supplied with a 2.5 metre electric control cable with control box and a 0.5m electrical power supply cable.

Extra Options

This range of hoists come with optional extras for specific models. These include an integrated wire rope winder (must be factory fitted) and a special tackle kit which can essentially double the lifting capacity but it will halve the speed of lift.

All models can be supplied with a radio remote control system (check local regulations for verification of radio wave compatibility). These can operate up and down movements and emergency stop function.

Anchoring A Minifor Hoist

The portable hoist can be anchored in two different ways. The easiest method is to anchor the hoist in a suspended position, and this is the most frequently used method. The second option is to anchor the hoist bearing on its base. This method requires a few extra safety measures; for example, the surface must be flat and horizontal and it must have holes for the unhindered passage of the wire rope.

Take a look at our range of Minifor Hoist , we can supply them direct to you at very cost effective prices, call our sales team for more information or use the contact us form.



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