Electric Hoist Advantages- 5 Key Benefits

Electric hoists are some of the most popular pieces of lifting equipment within the industry. The already heavy reliance on electricity around the world has meant that this gear slots in nicely into many setups, and brings with it a range of benefits. Here, we’ve looked at the top five electric hoist advantages.

Electric Hoist Advantages

#1 They are quick

One of the largest benefits offered by this piece of lifting equipment is that they are extremely quick. If you’re only performing one or two lifting operations a day, then perhaps this benefit isn’t a priority for you, but more often than not we find that this equipment is being heavily utilised.

With that in mind, speed is a priority, and electric hoists are some of the fastest hoists around!

#2 They are safe

Alongside speed, safety will always be a priority for any industry, regardless of the sector you are in or the size of your business. Obviously, this is a requirement, as listed in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

To comply with this act, businesses must carefully think about many different factors, including the quality of equipment, and any risk involved with it. Electric hoists are designed with high quality in mind. This is even more the case with our range, which are from some of the largest manufacturers in the UK. We’ve touched on this in more detail below.

#3 They are cost-effective

Another highly important factor for businesses is cost-effectiveness. While all businesses want the best workers and the highest quality equipment, they must consider whether their investment in a person or product will deliver a return that leaves them in the green.

This equipment is good value for money

If we examine the two benefits that we looked at above, then electric hoists more than help to deliver cost-effectiveness. Firstly, operations can be completed much, much quicker. Therefore, operational running times, and the costs associated with this, become smaller.

And secondly, looking at the safety benefit, costs can be greatly saved when it comes to employees. Heavy lifting can put great strain on workers, but electric hoists remove the need for them to manually operate or complete any tasks. This will help prevent sick pay or a loss in manpower!

#4 They have a large range of lifting capacities

Lifting operations can vary hugely in nature, with different sizes and shapes of loads and of all different weights. For that reason, equipment has been manufactured to match this huge range of weights.

For example, we stock a number of different electric hoists from Yale, one of the most reputable hoist manufacturers. The lifting capabilities of this equipment varies hugely, being able to handle anything from 125Kg right up to 10,000Kg.

With that in mind, a huge benefit of electric hoists is that you truly can get a piece of equipment that perfectly suits your operation.

#5 They offer a wealth of choice

Tying in with the point above, this choice isn’t only limited to lifting capabilities. Manufacturers know how popular electric hoists are, and so there is a wealth of choice to pick between, from some of the biggest names in the industry.

electric hoist advantages

You have plenty of choice when it comes to this equipment!

There are different features, sizes, shapes and functions, all to suit a range of applications. To find out more about what may suit your needs, contact us below.

Are you ready to order your own electric hoist?

If you like what you’ve read above and you’re looking to source your own trusty piece of gear, then you’ve come to the right place! To place an order, or for any other enquiries, please get in touch with us here.



Image credits: Skitterphoto and qimono
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