The Use of Lifting Hoists in the Entertainment Industry

We commonly associate lifting equipment and lifting hoists with industrial or construction purposes, but this isn’t their only function. Some are used for smaller tasks, such as lifting engines out of cars or for assistance with cleaning chandeliers. Another area that you may not first associate with lifting hoists is the entertainment industry. Want to…
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The Use of Lifting Hoists in the Construction Industry

The most common use for lifting hoists, or any piece of lifting equipment for that matter, is for lifting and lowering tasks. While they can, and are, used for a variety of other applications too, the lifting, lowering and moving of loads remains their primary function. Hoists play a huge role in the construction industry…
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Lifting Cars and Trucks with Lifting Hoists

In our detailed article Applications and Uses for Lifting Hoists, we have examined how this equipment is used in dozens of industries around the world for many varying applications. One such application is where they are used for lifting cars and trucks. More information on car garages The primary use for the lifting and lowering…
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The Use of Lifting Hoists in Trade Shows and Conventions

When we think of lifting equipment and hoists, we most commonly think of heavy industrial environments and power plants. But they also have uses in many other industries and for many other applications too. One such industry is for trade shows and conventions! Want to find out more? Read on below. What is this industry?…
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The Use of Lifting Hoists in Power Plants

Much of the world now depends on energy, and this valuable commodity is used for thousands of different reasons. Power plants are the places that supply this energy, and they rely greatly on lifting hoists to help them do this. Read on below to find out how. Just what are power plants used for? Power…
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The Use of Lifting Hoists in Oil Refineries

Oil refineries are industrial plants critical to the production of oil, one of the most commonly used resources around the world. But what role do lifting hoists play in this process? What are oil refineries? An oil refinery is a processing plant where crude oil, also known as naturally occurring petroleum, is processed and refined…
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The Use of Lifting Hoists for Mining Applications

The mining industry remains one of the most critical to the modern world, supplying valuable minerals to dozens of industries. But what role do lifting hoists play in this? The mining industry This industry involves the extraction of minerals and other materials from within the Earth, sometimes at extremely deep levels. This can be from…
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Forestry Related Applications for Lifting Hoists

Hoists are used for many industries and applications around the world. One such industry is the forestry sector. To find out more about the role that hoists play here, be sure to read on below! What is forestry? Forestry is defined as "the science or practice of planting, managing, and caring for forests.” This is done…
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