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Lifting Hoist Services Available

Lifting hoist services provided by Lifting Hoists Direct include Repairs, Servicing, Inspections, breakdowns, maintenance & installations

The hoist services available are provided by our own team of trained engineers. They have many years of experience within the lifting equipment industry.

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Why Use Our Lifting Hoist Services?

Hoisting devices, in particular the powered variety are a costly piece of equipment. Which is why it is more prudent and cost effective to keep them fully serviced. Without hoist servicing and hoist maintenance, hoisting equipment can breakdown.

Think about how your equipment is used. What would happen if your hoist was to stop working? Depending on how, where and the frequency in which your hoist is used. So when it stops working it can have a major impact on your business. Firstly it is inconvenient to sort out repairs or replacements. But the loss of production / working time can have a huge knock on effect, time is money after all.

We have the capacity to acquire the majority of hoist spares and hoist parts for most major hoist brands, so our engineers can supply and fit any hoist parts required either in house or on site.

Find out more about Lifting Hoist Services on offer

Head over to the hoist services page below where you will find all the details on each particular area of service we offer. To arrange any of our services you can simply give the servicing team a call on 01384 76961. Most services can be booked in at a time to suit you depending on engineer availability. They can be carried out either in-house or on-site.

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