The Value of Buying a Hoist Which is ATEX Certified

A quick browse of our product section will show you that we have a whole range of hoists here at Lifting Hoists Direct. While some product names will make it clear what they are used for, others, such as our ATEX hoists, may not be so immediately obvious. Here we have given a brief overview…
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Electric Hoist Advantages- 5 Key Benefits

Electric hoists are some of the most popular pieces of lifting equipment within the industry. The already heavy reliance on electricity around the world has meant that this gear slots in nicely into many setups, and brings with it a range of benefits. Here, we’ve looked at the top five electric hoist advantages. Electric Hoist…
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The Importance of Expert Advice When Working with Electric Hoists

Electric hoists are incredibly useful pieces of equipment, and have helped to dramatically change the way in which businesses can conduct lifting and lowering operations. It’s perhaps unsurprising that their usage continues to increase in the modern world, given the fact that we have begun to use more and more electrical devices every single day.…
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