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The Value of Buying a Hoist Which is ATEX Certified

A quick browse of our product section will show you that we have a whole range of hoists here at Lifting Hoists Direct. While some product names will make it clear what they are used for, others, such as our ATEX hoists, may not be so immediately obvious. Here we have given a brief overview…
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Electric Hoist Advantages- 5 Key Benefits

Electric hoists are some of the most popular pieces of lifting equipment within the industry. The already heavy reliance on electricity around the world has meant that this gear slots in nicely into many setups, and brings with it a range of benefits. Here, we’ve looked at the top five electric hoist advantages. Electric Hoist…
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The Importance of Expert Advice When Working with Electric Hoists

Electric hoists are incredibly useful pieces of equipment, and have helped to dramatically change the way in which businesses can conduct lifting and lowering operations. It’s perhaps unsurprising that their usage continues to increase in the modern world, given the fact that we have begun to use more and more electrical devices every single day.…
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Tips and Advice on Servicing and Repairing of Hoisting Equipment

Hoists are delicate pieces of machinery, and despite their sometimes simplistic design, special care must be taken to ensure that they are handled in the right way. They require regular inspections, servicing and, should anything go wrong, maintenance or repairs.  We’ve laid out some tips on this below. Please follow all of our tips listed…
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5 Applications of Staging Hoists

Staging hoists are one of many types of hoist that we stock and supply. Interested in finding out more about just what this equipment is, and how it is used? You’ve come to the right place! Just what are staging hoists? Before examining specific applications, we thought it would be worth setting some context for…
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6 Unusual Facts to Learn About Ratchet Lever Hoists

Ratchet lever hoists are a standard product among hoisting offerings, featuring a basic and simplistic design which is manually operated. While its name suggests it’s simply a hoist that is operated using a lever, it actually possesses many other qualities and features which you may not know. We’ve listed just some of these below. #1…
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Ensuring Load Chain Safety with Manual Chain Hoists

Manual chain hoists, also called, chain blocks or manual hoist systems, are easy-to-use and portable pieces of equipment. They are extremely useful, and serve in many industries every single day. However, given the fact that they are manually operated, it is perhaps more important than ever to ensure that you have taken the proper steps…
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Factors to Consider When Buying a Gantry / Scaffold Hoist

As you can see from our extensive product range, we manufacture and stock a wide selection of hoists here at Lifting Hoists direct. Each has been designed for a specific reason, and brings with it its own array of benefits for the user. In the section below, we have examined one particular category, scaffold hoist…
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Using Lifting Hoists to Lift Engines

We recently put together a large article, titled Applications and Uses for Lifting Hoists, to demonstrate just how varied a use this equipment has. While the majority of this article focused on more general uses in larger industries, such as the construction, mining and warehousing sectors, we also examined very specific and more niche uses…
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The Use of Lifting Hoists in Dockyard, Ports and Shipping

As part of a series, we have been examining some of the many applications and uses for lifting hoists across several industries. It has seen us explore everything from how they are used in larger industrial settings to manufacture millions of products like automobiles, to smaller uses such as helping to clean chandeliers. What is…
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