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Frequently Asked Questions About ATEX Hoists

Lifting hoists are used in dozens of industries around the world, thanks to their wide range of abilities. Whether it’s helping to complete the construction of a building, to aid the production line of automobiles or to conduct deep mining operations, lifting hoists play a vital part in the way that the world works. Many…
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The Hoist Family – the Roles of Different Hoists Explained

The lifting equipment industry is a huge one, with several broad categories of equipment that includes a wide variety of tools and gear. One such broad category is the hoist family, which contains a range of lifting hoists all suited for different lifting tasks and applications. While at first glance it may seem that perhaps…
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What Does ATEX Rated for Hoists Mean?

There are many certifications, standards and regulations that apply to equipment, workplaces and health and safety around the world- one of these for example being for ATEX rated hoists. These certifications and ratings ensure that workers are protected and working environments are kept safe. There are dozens of these laws and regulations that apply to…
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The Benefits of Using Staging Hoists

Staging hoists are a specialised form of electric hoist, designed for the entertainment industry. While electric hoists have a huge number of benefits and are great for many industries, stage hoists have been specially designed for a reason. We cover the reasons for using staging hoists below. Why are hoists used in the entertainment industry?…
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The Widespread Use of Electric Hoists in Industry

Hoists are the most common type of lifting gear to be utilised with cranes, scaffolding and gantry systems for the completion of lifting and lowering tasks. Thanks to the broad range of equipment that falls into the category of hoists, their benefits find them suitable for multiple applications and industries around the world. Read more…
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