5 Air Hoist Advantages

An Air hoist is just one of the many hoists involved in the hoist family, and bear many similarities to their electrically and manually powered counterparts. The difference with air hoists is that they are powered using air, and so offer their users a unique range of benefits that you won’t find with other hoists. We have covered some of these air hoist advantages below.

#1 An Air hoist is powered using air

As we said above, air hoists are powered using air, and this is one of their biggest benefits. This means that they don’t have to be manually operated by workers, but they’re also great in situations where electricity can’t be used.

Such situations may arise when there isn’t a power supply nearby, or if the risk of a spark could be dangerous, such as in a chemical environment.

#2 They won’t take up too much space

While it is true that they may take up a little more space as they need an air compressor unit to work, this air compressor unit can be located outside of a worksite while pumping the air inside. This reduces the amount of physical space that an air hoist and its air pump actually needs to occupy.

air hoist advantages

Hoists can be used for a huge range of applications

#3 Air hoists come in a range of classes

As with all forms of lifting equipment and lifting gear, air hoists come in a range of sizes and lifting capabilities, meaning that they are highly adaptable and versatile pieces of equipment. This means mini hoists for tight spaces, larger hoists for industrial applications, and everything in between.

You can see the full range of air hoists that we have here, along with their various lifting capabilities. As with all of the equipment that we manufacture, stock and supply, air hoists have a safe working load and working load limit, and it’s important that you stick to the former recommended guideline to ensure that your air hoist continues to work smoothly.

#4 Air hoists are suitable for many industries

The fact that air hoists are so adaptable and have such a range of lifting capabilities means that they find themselves being used in a range of industries. Despite ATEX rated hoists meaning that electric hoists are now more spark-proof than ever, an air hoist still offers a much more desirable level of safety when it comes to certain industries.

Paper mills and chemical plants are just some of the industries that air hoists are useful for, but you’ll also see them being used in construction, engineering, oil & gas, mining, shipping and more.

#5 Air hoists keep costs down

If you’re looking for an air hoist that isn’t manually operated but you want to keep your costs down, then it is costlier to have to continuously run a power supply with an electric hoist. Air hoists offer a much more cost-effective alternative.

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