The Benefits of Using Staging Hoists

Staging hoists are a specialised form of electric hoist, designed for the entertainment industry. While electric hoists have a huge number of benefits and are great for many industries, stage hoists have been specially designed for a reason. We cover the reasons for using staging hoists below.

Why are hoists used in the entertainment industry?

Hoists are one of the most common pieces of equipment used in the entertainment industry by riggers. More stringent rules and regulations apply to the equipment being used in these environments, and so stage hoists have been manufactured to be perfectly compatible in environments such as theatres, concert halls, film sets, concert tours, schools, TV studios and more.

using staging hoists

Staging hoists are used widely throughout the entertainment industry


The benefits of using staging hoists

Listed below are just some of the many benefits that you will get from using staging hoists:


Rules and regulations that affect staging hoists

The use of equipment within the entertainment industry is subject to different rules and regulations than other industries. This means that if you are using staging hoists, you can rest easy knowing that they have passed all the necessary tests required to be used for your entertainment purposes.


Staging hoists are extremely safe

Part of these rules and regulations come down to the safety of those operating them, and those who will be in the vicinity of them being operated. The staging hoists that we stock here at Lifting Hoists Direct have a double braking system, as well as being able to operate at a variety of lifting speeds.

Some of the accessories, that we have covered below, also come with emergency stop switches should you need to quickly shut everything off.


Staging hoists are compatible with a number of accessories

There are many accessories that go hand-in-hand with staging hoists, perfect for boosting up that entertainment factor. These accessories include:


–          Cases for ease of transportation and storage

–          Force gauges and load cells for a better understanding of load calculations

–          Complete control panel systems

–          Cabling and push buttons if a complete control panel is too much


Pre-programming of staging hoists

Staging hoists can be pre-programmed to operate in certain ways and at certain times. This setup allows you to have a show go as perfectly as planned, without needing to rely on someone remembering to push all the right buttons!

A good example of this is for lighting effects at music concerts.


Want to know more about the hoists that we stock at Lifting Hoists Direct?

Stage hoists are just one of the dozens of types of hoists that we stock here at Lifting Hoists Direct. Each offers their own unique set of benefits and functions, suitable to multiple industries around the world.

If you know that you need a hoist for your own application but you aren’t sure which one is best suited, then let us help you. You can either give us a call on 01384 75182, or get in contact with us here.


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