5 Applications of Staging Hoists

Staging hoists are one of many types of hoist that we stock and supply. Interested in finding out more about just what this equipment is, and how it is used? You’ve come to the right place!

Just what are staging hoists?

Before examining specific applications, we thought it would be worth setting some context for just what this equipment is. That’ll help you gain an understanding for the applications it is used for.

They are called staging hoists due to their widespread usage with stage related applications. Essentially, they are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment within the entertainment industry.
This industry is a large one, and covers all manner of entertainment related shows and events. This could be theatre productions, TV and film sets, exhibitions or trade shows, music gigs or even school plays.

staging hoists

This equipment is widely used in the entertainment industry

Some entertainment sets and venues are huge, such as concert venues such as Wembley. There are thousands of parts and pieces involved in the successful running of these gigs, and hoists play a fundamental role in ensuring that the event is not only carried out in the right manner, but that it is done safely too.

So just what role do staging hoists play in this industry? We’ve examined five key applications below.

#1 The construction of sets

Before the entertainment, in whatever form it takes, can get underway, the stage or set must first be constructed. Perhaps sometimes it only involves a few props on stage, but more often than not it may involve complicated back drops. Or perhaps even the stage itself needs to be put together. For this, staging hoists are used.

#2 Controlling the lighting

Part of the construction of a setup will involve lifting and placing the various pieces of lighting that are used during shows. But, this equipment will also be used to control this lighting after, perhaps moving it around the setup in order to produce different effects.

#3 Rigging

Rigging refers to the system of ropes, lines, pulleys, counterweights and hoists that are a standard part of many entertainment and theatrical shows. This system is what is used by the rigging crew in order to be able to safely and efficiently move various parts of the stage.

#4 Lifting curtains

Part of the rigging application above will involve the lifting and lowering of curtains. This is a more specific application than those listed above, but still important nonetheless. If you’ve ever been to the theatre, you may have seen the heavy fire-safe curtains that drop during the breaks. This wouldn’t be possible without hoists!

#5 Lifting the actors themselves

You may have also occasionally seen actors themselves seemingly fly across stages from time to time! Again, this is all thanks to this equipment.

Lights, camera, action?

Ready to take action and order your own staging hoist? Or perhaps you’re just looking for more information on hoisting within the entertainment industry? For this, or any other enquiries, please get in contact with us here.


Image credit: Tookapic
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