Scaffold Hoist & Gantry Hoists

Scaffold Hoist and Gantry Hoists  work in a similar way, they are just named differently due to the way they are fitted. One to a scaffold pole, one to a gantry frame.

Scaffold Hoists
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Scaffold Hoist

An electric scaffold hoist, is often known as a builders hoist , scaffolding hoist or scaffold winch. It is an electrically powered hoisting device used with scaffolding equipment.

Electric scaffold hoists are used for lifting and lowering loads. Predominantly up and down a scaffold tower. The scaffolding hoist is usually fixed to one of the scaffolding poles with a secure clamp.

Some models simply hook over the pole and others may be fitted to a prop. Scaffolding equipment should be secure. A scaffolding hoist can be easily positioned wherever required and so a very versatile device.

An electric scaffold hoist is mainly used within the construction industry. Also other related areas by builders ( hence the common term – builders hoist) and roofers, or where scaffolding equipment is available. They are usually available with various lengths of wire rope to suit the height of lift that you require. Various lift speeds can also be found dependent upon the builders hoist model chosen.

Gantry Hoists

A gantry hoist is sometimes referred to as a builders gantry hoist. They differ slightly from a scaffold hoist as to where it can be fitted. A gantry hoist does not fix to scaffolding systems but to a standalone gantry frame.

The frame incorporates ballast boxes at the rear which can be filled to act as a counter balance. This counter balance enables the end of the gantry where the hoist is attached to be hung over the side of a building, from the roof space for example. This makes them ideal where scaffolding is not available or appropriate.

Scaffold Hoists In The Construction Industry

Most types of construction work will require materials to be taken up to a high level and normally use some type of scaffolding equipment. Individuals alone take risks just by climbing up the scaffold tower to where they need to work. If they need to carry up materials and tools as well then the risk of accidents significantly increases.

This is where the use of  scaffold hoists & gantry hoist comes into play. Positioned where ever you need it on the scaffold tower, the builders hoist will take up all your tools and materials at the touch of a button. This is not only much quicker but more importantly much safer.

Scaffold Hoist – Gantry Hoist & Accessories

Builders hoist & Gantry hoist systems have the further benefits of many accessories to use with the hoist to aid in lifting specific items. We supply wheelbarrow chains which are designed to lift the whole wheelbarrow and its contents to where they are required.

These can be a very useful tool to a builder. Other accessories available include skip chains, for lifting up small skips. Mortar buckets, for lifting mortar to where needed. And also rubbish chutes for allowing any rubbish produced at high levels to be safely sent to ground level, and many more; these accessories make the scaffolding hoist very versatile.

Benefits of Using  Scaffold Hoist – Gantry Hoist

For most builders and construction workers, time is of the essence, the faster a task is completed the less cost involved. A builders hoist / electric scaffold hoist can raise and lower tools and materials to wherever needed quickly, much faster in fact, than an individual could carry a load up a tower, and so saving precious time and therefore money.

This brings us to the question of safety, regarding cost efficiency. Most construction workers will know the hazards of moving loads up and down a scaffold tower. It is common for these types of workers to experience pain and injuries to neck, back, shoulders and knees, due to the nature of the work.

These injuries can often lead to the inability to work and so will need time off to heal. This costs the construction company money, due to sick pay, a man down and so work progress is slowed down. Scaffold hoists greatly reduce the risk of injury, as the hoist carry the weight of the load, not the individual, and so reducing stress on the joints and muscles.


In conclusion then, a builders hoist / scaffold hoists or gantry hoist not only provides a much safer way of moving loads to various heights, it also offers a quicker and more cost effective way. So if you want to save time, money, less manpower per job and yet provide a safer working environment for workers, then a builders hoist  or gantry hoist is a must. Contact us if you require more information.

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