The Use of Lifting Hoists in Chemical Plants

Hoists are commonplace in heavy industrial environments, and one such environment is chemical plants. Looking for more information on how the lifting equipment is used here? Look no further!

The chemical plants industry

A chemical plant is an industrial processing plant which handles, produces, manufactures and processes chemicals. This is most commonly done on an industrial scale. They are extremely similar in nature to other processing plants, such as food manufacturers or power plants, and much of the same equipment is used.

With a wide variety of chemicals being produced by this industry, with the number rising above 70,000 different products, it’s unsurprising that this industry has become such a large one.

In fact, 70% of the chemicals now produced in Europe are used to make products from different industries, and the total global revenue of the industry last year sat at 5.2 trillion dollars.

chemical plants

A chemical plant in Bulgaria

Clearly, this is a crucial industry to many other sectors and everyday consumers around the world. But, given its nature with so many different chemicals, some of which are hazardous, the processes in place within this industry must be of the highest standard. Hoists play a big role in chemical plants, but how can they ensure safety? Find out more below!

The use of lifting hoists in this industry

Given the safety requirements that we referred to above, very specific equipment is needed in these plants. For that reason, ATEX hoists have been created. These have been designed to be spark-proof, making them perfect for usage in environments where potentially flammable or explosive materials or chemicals are present.

This gives them a unique advantage in that they can work along the processing route in a plant, handling any chemicals without worry of causing harm. This kind of plant works like any other manufacturing plant, and needs lifting equipment to help complete the creation of chemicals.

You’ll also find the hoists being used after this, at the end of the process, to help get the chemicals onto the transportation trucks. Finally, they find use for maintenance workers, helping with the movement of tools and materials around the plant.

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As you can see, hoists play a critical role in chemical plants, and many functions simply wouldn’t be able to be completed without them. But it’s not just the chemical industry where you’ll see hoists being used.

They have dozens of other applications, such as to lift cars and trucks, to lift engines or to be used in subsea environments. And, given how similar chemical plants are to other processing plants, you may not be surprised to learn that they have a heavy usage in oil refineries and power plants too.

If you would like to find out more about the use of hoists in this industry, their applications, or our range of products, we would be more than happy to assist you. Please find our contact details here.


Image credit: olafpictures
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