10 Amazing Flickr Images of Hoist

We thought that it would be a great idea to give a more visual demonstration of a hoist, using 10 images from Flickr, the image sharing site. You can see more for yourself below!

#1 Swing Arm Hoists

We’ve started with a simple image of a hoist, but one that gives a good close-up. Here you can see a hoist that is attached to a swing-arm, meaning the arm can be pulled out and the hoist operated in multiple areas.

Image credit: Robin Robbins

#2 Hoists in the shipping industry

This is a nice image of a hoist against the backdrop of a ship. While you can’t see the hoist in action here, the shipping, shipyards and marine industries are some of the heaviest users of this type of equipment.

Image credit: James West

#3 A helicopter hoist

A brilliant image of the U.S Army in medevac training while in Afghanistan. Not only is the image itself great, but it also demonstrates how wide-ranging the use of hoists can be around the world.

Image credit: The U.S. Army

#4 Hoists with overhead cranes

While it is a little harder to make out the hoists in this image, you can see them being utilised on the far sides of the middle and back overhead crane. A crane needs an accessory to operate with, and a hoist is one of the most common accessories for this.

Image credit: Ian Munroe

#5 Hoists on a construction site

One industry that makes heavy use of lifting hoists is the construction industry. Used to move around heavy loads, buildings materials or tools, they have become a staple part of this sector. Here you can see a hoist being used with a tower crane to move a load.

Image credit: bradhoc

#6 A hoist moving a yacht

Earlier we saw a hoist against the backdrop of a ship, and this time we can see a hoist in action in this industry. Here, it is being used to hold a yacht just above the water. Given the delicate, and expensive, nature of yachts, it’s crucial that safe and reliable equipment is used, which is why hoists have become so crucial for this task.

Image credit: melanie m

#7 A hoist and a dog

One of the images above that we displayed showed a hoist being used by the army for the training of medical emergency staff. Here, we can see a hoist in action by the army again, this time also being used to lift a feline friend! While we’re not completely sure why he needs to be lifted, it again shows the versatility of lifting hoists.

Image credit: The U.S. Army

#8 A hoist lifting heavy machinery

Here we can again see a hoist being used on what is most likely a construction site, but this time to lift a much heavier load. While the angle that the photo was taken from makes it look as though the truck being lifted is relatively small, it is in fact a huge piece of machinery. Lifting items such as this requires a high level of safety, control and reliability, and hoists are one of the only pieces of equipment on the market that offers this.

Image credit: J B

#9 Hoists and the coast guard

In this image, we see hoists being used again by the shipping and marine industry, but this time in a very different way. We’ve already see that the army utilises this piece of equipment for emergency operations, and it’s the same for coast guards and rescue forces too.

Image credit: U.S Department of Defence

#10 Hoists in the history books


This is a great image of hoists being used many, many years ago to move livestock, in this case a horse! While hoists have come a long way since this image and been modernised to a great degree, it shows how important they’ve been throughout history.

Image credit: Otis Historical Archives National Museum of Health

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