10 Qualities to Demand When Buying Air Hoists

Looking to purchase a brand-spanking new air hoist? Whether you choose to shop with us or not (we hope you do!), here’s 10 qualities you should expect from the buying process when it comes to buying air hoists.

#1 Lightweight nature

Air hoists, also known as pneumatic hoists, have the huge benefit of being much lighter than many of their other hoisting counterparts. When we say much lighter, we’re talking about around 40%-50% lighter!

buying air hoists

Air hoists are much lighter in nature than other hoists

While this may not be the primary reason for you buying air hoists, it’s still definitely a quality that you want to demand.

#2 High level of resistance

This piece of lifting equipment is designed to have a good level of resistance to things such as dirt, dust and heat, therefore also having a low fire risk. Unlike the point above, this is likely to be one of the primary reasons for you buying air hoists, but even if it isn’t this is a main reason for you, it’s still a huge benefit to have with your equipment.

#3 Use in hazardous environment

Tying nicely into the point above, its high level of resistance means that it’s great for working in hazardous environments where there may be a fire risk or corrosive chemicals. If the industry that you work in has this kind of environment, then make sure you demand that your air hoist has this quality.

buying air hoists

Air hoists have a good level of resistance

#4 Simple design and in good working order

Air hoists are designed with simplicity in mind. They aren’t complicated pieces of machinery, so don’t let the sales rep try and dazzle you with hundreds of different points. Your air hoist should be simple, yet effective. And, of course, in great working order.

#5 Low maintenance requirements

Following on from the point above, an air hoist’s simple design results in a long working life with regular maintenance. When maintenance is needed, it should have extremely low maintenance costs. Ensure that your air hoist is in perfect working order, which will mean a lot less maintenance requirements for you moving forward.

#6 Has a low environmental impact

There’s been an increased shift in recent years towards looking for environmentally friendly and green equipment, and air hoists are great for this. Make sure you demand that your air hoist has a low carbon footprint, so that you can do your bit for the world around you!

#7 Will it fit in with your setup?

Air hoists work differently from electric hoists and manual hoists in that they require an air compressor unit to work. Manual hoists are the easiest to set up, and electric hoists only require an electricity supply, but air hoists can be a little more complicated, usually because the air compressor unit needs to be located outside.

Will the whole setup work nicely with your own worksite? Make sure that you discuss this at length with your sales rep so that you can find the solution that works best for you – you don’t want a piece of equipment that you can’t even use!

#8 No need for a rest period

One of the biggest benefits that air hoists lend to businesses is the way in which they can increase productivity and decrease downtime. This is because air hoists don’t need a rest period as they produce a minimal amount of heat during operation. This may change from air hoist to air hoist, so make sure you ask your sales rep about this.

#9 A good sales rep

Speaking of sales reps, make sure that you have a good quality one when you are going through the purchasing process! They should be listening to the specific needs of your business, explaining air hoists to you in easy-to-understand language, and they should also be able to provide you with a good set of guidelines and recommendations for your hoist.

This will be based around the safe working load of the air hoist, as well as the government guidelines titled Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

#10 After care and services

It’s not just the purchasing of your air hoist that you need to think about, but also the aftercare services of your hoist afterwards too. How reliable and helpful do your manufacturers sound? Although it’s unlikely, should anything go wrong with your air hoist, you need to know you have high-quality experts around to help you after!

Interested in buying air hoists?

The benefit of shopping with us here at Lifting Hoists Direct is that we guarantee to match all of the 10 qualities listed above! If you want to chat more about buying air hoists or any of the other equipment that we have in stock, please get in contact with us here.


Image credit: Pezibear and HypnoArt
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