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Lifting slings can be found in a variety of formats and are predominantly used for load lifting. A sling will enable you to lift your load in different ways. This will depend on the type of sling used and the load to be lifted.

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Types of Lifting Slings

The most popular types of slings used for heavy lifting are chain slings, webbing slings and round slings. Although there are others these are the ones we will focus on here at Lifting Hoists Direct. Due to the fact that they work very well with lifting hoists.

Lifting with Chain Slings

Chain slings are particularly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways thanks to the wide range of designs available.

A chain sling may have just one length of chain with a master link at one end and typically a safety load hook on the other, this is known as a single leg chain sling. Multiple leg chain slings are also commonly used. They come in double leg, 3 leg and 4 leg chain slings with each leg connecting into the top masterlink.

The chain can be almost any length, they can be used in different hitch types and even have one or more leg temporarily shortened with a shortening clutch. Go to the chain sling page below to find out more.

Web Slings for Lifting Tasks

Web slings are made from densly woven high tensile polyester material. They are incredibly strong and loads up to 10 tonne can be lifted with our standard range.

A web sling may be seen as a simplex web sling or Duplex web sling. A simplex sling is made from a single layer of material whereas a duplex has 2 layers and is therefore much stronger and our prefferred type.

This type of sling can come in a wide array of lengths to suit your needs. They are a single length of material with a soft eye loop at each end, typically reinforced with a wear sleeve for added protection. Vertical, choke and basket type hitches can be used with a webbing sling and so can be used successfully for a range of load types and sizes.

Round Lifting Slings

Round lifting slings are similar to web slings in that they are a type of lifting strap made from high strength polyester. However a round sling is manufactured quite differently. They are made into seemless tubes and filled with a high tensile fibre core.

The fibre core gives this sling its strength; up to 12 tonnes comes as standard from our range. The outer polyester tubular cover protects the core and provides additional strength. All hitch types can be used with a round sling. Round slings are much softer and are perfect for more delicate loads.

Choosing and Using Lifting Slings

When deciding on the type of lifting sling you need you need to take into account certain specifics. What is your lifting medium? (i.e. electric hoist) how heavy is your load? Do you need to pick up your load in a particular way? What type of load is it? If you are not sure then get in touch and ask a member of our team who will be happy to steer you in the right direction.

When using lifting slings you should adopt safe slinging practices, potentially undergoing training. There are many do’s and don’ts to consider when using slings and these rules may change between the different types so please make sure you are up to date with the Safe use of information leaflets by the LEEA. These can be found on the associated product pages.

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