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Beam trolleys clamp onto a steel beam so that hoisting equipment can be attached and moved across the beam.

There are 3 main types of trolleys, push travel, geared and powered and although we can supply all kinds (just ask!) here we are offering the type most commonly used when associated with lifting hoists – the push travel trolley.

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Push Travel Beam Trolley

As the name suggests this type of trolley is manually pushed along the beam. They are generally chosen for their simplistic design, ease of use and minimal maintenance. They are also usually the cheapest option out of all the trolley types. Once fitted correctly to a beam the wheels on the trolley will run along the flange smoothly. Your chosen hoist is attached to the incorporated central eye suspension point on the trolley. Once a load is attached to the hoist the whole lot can be pushed along to where you need it. Pushing the trolley along is typically carried out by pushing on the load, hoist or hoist load hook. You must however ensure the load remains stable and secure.

Lifting Hoists Direct are offering the Delta push trolley at low cost prices. They are robust and easy to fit to a range of beam widths thank to the adjustability. They also come in a range of working load limits with the highest spec model boasting 5000kg.

Other Commonly used Equipment

When a hoisting system needs to be used other types of lifting gear are typically needed. Lifting Hoists Direct can offer a good selection of lifting slings of the webbing, round or chain varieties. Shackles can also be supplied to enable safe connections.

Should you need to lift plate materials then we have a universal plate clamp to handle them safely.

Whatever your lifting needs are, talk to us! We are always happy to help.

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