Delta Electric Hoists

The Delta electric hoist range is the latest addition to the UK market, manufactured in the Netherlands. Lifting Hoists Direct are a leading stockist to enable quick supply of this quality electric chain hoist. Available with or without a fitted trolley.

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About The Delta Electric Chain Hoist Range

First and foremost Delta hoists provide a great, price comparable hoisting system to other well known brands. Often cheaper when purchased here thanks to being a Delta partner.

At present there are two  hoist models available, the DEH and the DTS. Both are great hoists although the DEH is the most compact and has undergone an overhaul, updating key components to ensure they can keep up with even the most arduous lifting tasks.

The Delta DEH Electric Chain Hoist

The DEH hoist comes with a hook suspension as standard although you can choose a lug suspension if required. Other choices include an integral trolley system instead of the hook, these can be either a manual push travelling trolley or a dual speed powered trolley.

Due to the fact that the DEH electric chain hoist incorporates a great plug and play style design parts can easily be changed out. You can even opt for a radio remote control system for even easier operation.

The top lifting capacity in this range is 2000kg and comes with a 6 metre height of lift as standard.

The Delta DTS Electric Chain Hoist

The DTS hoist is slightly larger but has top lifting capacities of 5000kg with a 6 metre lifting height as standard. This hoist also has a choice of suspensions like the DEH as well as the plug and play functionality.

Why Buy A Delta Electric Chain Hoist?

Although the Delta name may be pretty new to the UK, they have been used across Europe for some time. They are a quality hoist which comply to all the necessary standards for UK use.

Reliable relay contactors are used in these hoists enabling quick switch outs should one fail. With the plug and play system the hoist set up can be altered to suit your requirements.

If you don’t want to wait weeks for delivery of your new hoist try a Delta DEH, we aim to keep good stock levels so delivery can often be next working day, you won’t be disappointed!

Take a closer look at each model where you will find all the technical details. The DEH can be purchased online or simply give us a call.

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