When you need to connect certain types of lifting equipment together the most popular product to use is a lifting shackle. They come in a variety of designs to suit different scenarios. Although we can supply any type of shackle the ones you find here are our best sellers. Ideal for use with electric hoists, chain blocks, wire rope winches or any other type of hoist.


Lifting Shackles for Hoisting Tasks

The equipment used in a typical lifting application will vary somewhat, however the structure of the task will be similar. For example the load needs to be harnessed then connected to hoist's load hook; the hoist is typically fitted to a beam trolley on a gantry crane beam.

Therefore the layout could be;

Load--sling--shackle--load hook--hoist--trolley--gantry crane. Obviously this is just a simple format of which there are many, but it gives you an idea.

Lifting slings must always sit in the saddle, NEVER on the pin.

About Lifting Shackles

A Lifting shackle essentially gives you a temporary means of connecting two or more items such as joining the two eyes on a web sling.

They are temporary thanks to the screw pin method of securing the shackle. The screw pin simple screws in and out of the saddle. They are a quick and efficient connection method with installation and removal completed in seconds. These should be checked regularly to ensure then do not come loose.

If you would like something even safer then consider a shackle with a safety bolt which are considered as a semi-permanent connection. They have a pin just the same but with a screw nut to make the pin more secure. Additionally on the other side of the nut a cotter pin is inserted. This ensures the nut and subsequently the pin can not come loose.

They may take a little longer to install and remove, however they can be left in place for long periods if required. Still check regularly though to ensure all is good. A bad connection can result in the failure of the lift with potentially nasty consequences.

Shackle Types

Shackles come in two main shapes and are called 'D' or Dee and Bow shackles.

They are used for different types of lifting applications so make sure you choose the right one.

D Shackle Basics

D shackles have a saddle with straight sides and a rounded bowl and have the same internal measurement from pin to bowl. This type of shackle is intended to be used for straight lifts only. Where the load's centre, and shackle are vertically in line with the hoist's load hook and thus the centre of gravity.

Bow Shackle Basics

A bow shackle has a saddle with a bowl shape. It s internal dimensions are wider at the bowl than near the pin. Because of their more rounded shape they are able to be used at an angle without compromising the safety of the connection. There will, however be a reduction to the safe working load. (see the bow shackle page for more)

Lifting Hoists Direct has picked out 4 popular shackles for use with our other equipment. They include large Dee and Bow shackles as well as green pin, safety bolt types for both 'D' and bow shackles. If you need something else that you can't find here then pick up the phone and call 01384 76961, we can usually supply for all your lifting equipment needs. From beam trolleys, slings and lifting clamps to the exemplary collection of hoisting equipment including the latest Delta electric hoist.

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