Lifting clamps come in many formats with each suited to lifting specific loads. For example plate lifting clamps are designed to handle plate materials such as steel sheets.

About Lifting Clamps

Clamps for lifting are a great accompaniment for hoisting equipment as they will enable you to lift, lower and potentially turn products with relative ease. They can be used with electric hoists, chain blocks and air hoists as well as scaffold hoists and wire rope hoists.

The majority of lifting clamps will incorporate a lifting eye. This is the part that is used to attach the clamp to the load hook on a hoist.

Plate Lifting Clamps

Plate lifting clamps are a popular piece of lifting equipment, especially in the steel industry. The typical types enable either horizontal lifting or vertical lifting but not both. However in more recent years universal plate clamps have become more commonplace due to the fact that they can do both.lifting clamp

It is the specially designed hinged lifting eye which enables them to lift in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The other bonus with this type is that you can pick up a sheet vertically and set it down horizontally. And visa versa should you need to, all thanks to the pivotal hinge. Angled lifting is also permissible providing the reduced safe working load according to the lifting angle is adhered to.

Plate clamps can be used individually but are typically used in pairs or more, especially for larger sheet materials. The more clamps used the more secure the lift will be.

How Plate Lifting Clamps Work

Plate lifting clamps are really quite simple in design. They incorporate an opening jaw within a steel casing. The jaw is opened up to insert the sheet material, the grooves/teeth on the jaw will help to hold the load securely, however the load will not be fully secure until it is lifted. This is because the clamps use the forces implied by the weight of the load to clamp tightly. Thus as a load is lifted the jaws will clamp tighter and tighter progressively as the weight implies more force onto the jaw clamping it tighter.

At the moment we are offering the Delta Universal plate lifting clamp with safe working loads up to 2 tonne as standard, however we are also able to supply up to 5 tonne.

Please see the product below to find out all the details.

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