Raptor Chain Blocks

Raptor chain blocks have been around for many years. Although only under the Raptor brand since around 2008 due to a re-brand.

Raptor manual chain hoists are imported from East Asia. With starting prices from £61.49 they are amongst the cheapest block and tackle options available in today’s lifting equipment industry.

But don’t be fooled into thinking Raptor equipment is sub-standard because of its price.

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Why Choose a Raptor Manual Chain Hoist?Raptor MH manual chain hoist

Block and tackle devices from Raptor conform to all the necessary standards including the machinery directive 2006/42/EC and come with an EC declaration of conformity. Therefore it is a safe and trustworthy lifting device.

These manual chain hoists are becoming more and more popular amongst many areas due to their affordability and ease of use. There is currently just one model in the Raptor range, however there are numerous safe working loads to choose from ranging from 500kg up to 20000kg or 20 tonne.

Lifting Hoists Direct have more hoisting equipment from this tried and tested brand including a couple of lever hoists.

What Other Brands are Available?

If you would prefer a more well known brand of manual chain block then Lifting Hoists Direct have a great selection. Yale, Kito, and Tiger and some perhaps lesser known brands such as LGD, Hacketts and GT.

Whatever your lifting requirements and purse string limitations we are sure to have a manual chain hoist/block to suit your needs.

Give the team a call on 01384 76961 to discuss your options, place an order or request more information. Servicing and inspections can also be booked in to secure one of our engineers time and expertise.

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