Hacketts Chain Blocks

Hacketts chain blocks are readily available for purchase from Lifting Hoists Direct. Prices start at under £88 for the smallest, standard model, the heavy duty C4 block and tackle. The lifting capacities for this type goes right up to a whopping 50 tonnes.

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Why Buy a Hacketts Chain Block?hacketts c4 chain block

William Hackett products have been around for over 100 years. They produce many types of lifting equipment so you can be assured of high quality products.

You can now purchase the majority of Hacketts hoists from Lifting Hoists Direct online at probably the best prices around. Delivery is pretty quick thanks to us both being located in the Black Country with daily deliveries common.

What Hacketts Manual Hoists are available?

There are many other options available besides the standard C4 chain hoist. For example options include a corrosion resistant model and a dual speed model. The corrosion resistant model and the C4 can also be supplied with a combined beam trolley, thus making it easier to use. You can find out the prices for these by getting in touch.

Meanwhile there are some other types of chain blocks from the Hacketts brand available. However these are for more specialised areas such as the marine and subsea environments and hazardous areas.
There are currently 2 models for subsea use. Firstly there is the Hacketts SS C4 offshore chain hoist, and secondly the WH Rov chain hoist. All the details for these two hoists can be found in the Subsea hoisting category.

For those explosion hazard environments there is an ATEX rated model. The Hacketts C4 Atex. Details of which can be found under the ATEX hoisting category.
All Hackett hoists adhere to all the relevant standards, protocols and conformities. So you are safe in the knowledge you are buying a safe and reliable hoist, whichever one you choose.

Other manual hoists

Manual chain hoists/blocks are not the only type of manually operated hoisting equipment. Lever hoists are another popular example of a manual chain hoist. They use a ratchet and pawl system to crank the lever to operate.

Cable puller and/or tirfor winches are also manually operated. They work by pulling wire rope through clamping jaws by means of cranking a lever. These are used to lift, pull or tension loads almost anywhere because of their great portability.

Purchasing your Hoist

If you need more information, help or advice simply call the team on 01384 76961, or send us your enquiry on an email through the mail icon or contact page.

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