Delta Chain Block

Chain blocks or manual chain hoists come in various models with an array of benefits. There are a number of manufacturers who make this type of lifting equipment. Including top brands like Yale, Kito and Tiger. These better known brands are often more pricey than lesser known makes. So Lifting Hoists Direct are pleased to be able to offer a comparative chain block from Delta, which we import from the Netherlands as the UK’s leading supplier.

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Why buy a Delta Chain Block?

The Delta chain block is well tried and tested and comes in at a great price. So is a good choice when you need to keep your prices down. With a range of models with differing lifting capacities up to 5000kg you are sure to find one to suit your needs. This is a robust hoist which operates smoothly and is easy to install, use and maintain.
Head over to the product page to find out all the technical details. As well as more useful information on the Delta manual chain hoist. Compare it to some other brands if you need to, you won’t be disappointed!

Safety Information

When using any type of hoist you need to carefully follow the manufacturers instructions to ensure the hoist is used in a safe and appropriate manner. Ensure the hoist is carefully and regularly maintained with annual thorough inspections. This should be done by a competent person to comply with current safety standards. Follow the necessary guidelines for safe lifting and hoisting techniques as well as the LOLER regulations to ensure safe use at all times. Safety must come first to avert unnecessary accidents and injuries that can happen if a hoist is used incorrectly. You can find some simple dos and dont’s on the main chain block page here as well as some informative information on our blog pages.

What Other Hoists are Available?

Need something with more power but needs less manual effort? No problem for Lifting Hoists Direct, its what we do! Check out the electric hoists category where you will find hoists with all the power you are likely to need including the latest Delta electric hoists. We also have a good range of air powered hoists. These are for those of you that have a pneumatic air power supply. Other powered hoists include Scaffold hoists and gantry hoists suitable for construction sites and builders alike. There are many more hoist options to browse through including more manual hoisting equipment such as lever hoists and cable pullers. Check them out to ensure you are choosing the best possible hoist for your lifting requirements.

Need Help with buying a chain block?

Should you need some help with choosing the best hoist for your operation then give the team a call on 01384 76961, we are always happy to help and advise our customers whenever needed. You can also email us with your questions on the contact us page. If you also need other forms of equipment to compliment your hoist then please just ask, we can supply slings, shackles and more should you require them, all at the same low prices you can come to expect from Lifting Hoists Direct, for all your hoisting needs!

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