Red Rooster Bench Handling Hoist

The Red Rooster TMM air hoist is the perfect accompaniment to any type of bench work and smaller, lightweight lifting operations.



The Red Rooster bench handling hoist is compact in design and is lightweight, it weighs in at just 10kg and so easily portable. The hook suspension point enables easy attachment to your chosen anchor point, whilst the incorporated spring catch guarantees the hoist will stay put in its anchored location. The bottom hook also incorporates a safety catch for that extra peace of mind, knowing that your load is not going to slip off the tip of the hook.

The incorporated handle on the tool handling air hoist enables really easy, single handed operation with excellent control. It will go exactly where you want it too. Imagine this hoist situated above your workbench. It could act as your third hand. Holding your objects whilst you work on them, enabling you to move objects out of the way whilst you work on another part – move it back in again for fitting that part, and so it goes on. It can also be used to hold tools in a more convenient position. These hoists are great for any bench work, tool handling or small production work and/or repetitive tasks, perfect for production plants and factories with an air supply.

Red Rooster Bench Handling Hoist Main Features

Powered by a TOKU rotary vane motor, and used across the majority of Red Rooster products due to their reliability. There is an internal brake which is a disc type braking system; it incorporates an automatic failsafe device for optimum safety. The internal silencing is down to 80 dB(A)

The TMM bench/tool handling hoist boasts variable speeds from 11 to 15 metres per minute depending upon the weight of the load.  The highest safe working load of this hoist is 140kg.

This is an air powered hoist with a cast aluminium housing, alloy safety swivel hooks and a self winding galvanised cable.

This compact little air hoist measures just 224mm wide and 603mm minimum height (from the very top of the top suspension hook to the very bottom point of the lower load hook) The diameter of the air supply hose is ½ inch with the connection point to the air supply being  3/8" BSP.  The air consumption of this pneumatic hoist is around 8 litres per second with a 6bar working pressure.

Extra Options Available

Special paint systems; Air service units; festoon systems & beam trolleys.