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Economy Wire Rope Pullers

Economy wire rope pullers have prices starting from just under £130. Therefore they offer a cost effective means to lifting and pulling applications.

Although these cable pullers are classed as economy they are no less efficient. They have been tried and tested for performance to BS EN 13157 (certification available) and work exceptionally well.economy wire rope pullers

The minimum breaking load is 4 x the working load limit of the lifting (not pulling) capacity. So if you are looking for a budget friendly cable puller that is up to the task then take a look at the models 3 from this economy range. Here you will find various lifting capacities to suit different tasks.

Whether you need to lift, pull or tension loads these cable pullers are very versatile. They can be utilised in any direction. The maximum capacity can be further increased by using sheave blocks.

The three models we can supply have lifting capacities of 800kg, 1600kg & 3200kg but with higher pulling limits. Click through to the product page below to find all the details and specifications.

How a Cable Puller Works

Cable pullers are quite simple devices and can lift, pull or tension loads with good precision. There are two jaws within the housing which pull through the cable as the lever is cranked. When you stop cranking the lever the cable and therefore load will be held firmly until it is released. There are two levers, one for forward pulling and one for reverse pulling, so the cable can be pulled through in either direction depending on your operation.

The progressive nature of the machine means that the heavier the load, or the more the tension applied the tighter the jaws clamp.

The cable is easy to remove and replace by setting the machine into the neutral position to release the jaws so the rope can be pulled through freely. Replaceable sheer pins perform as the overload device and there is an additional safety chain attachment for ensuring it stays in place.

Economy Wire Rope Pullers

Economy Cable Pullers

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