J.D.Neuhaus Air Hoists

J.D.Neuhaus air hoists or JDN hoists are a leading name in the pneumatics industry. Their journey of manufacturing these hoists began in 1952 when they discovered the use of compressed air. Consequently when it was passed through a vane driven motor it created power.

JDN air hoists

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Why Buy a JDN Air Hoist?

JDN air powered hoists are amongst the best, with exceptionally high quality at the top of their list. Therefore you can be assured of robust, safe, competent and quality products which are capable of lifting very heavy loads. What’s more, they are highly committed to reducing environmental impact of their products and throughout the whole manufacturing process. JDN a name you can trust.

What Air Hoists are in the JDN Range?

The product range of JDN air powered hoists is fairly large with the ‘M’ series; the ‘Profi’ series and the ‘mini’ range as well as a couple of big bag handling hoists. To compliment the range of air hoists we can also offer a range of JDN air powered trolley systems. Including push travel, reel chain and powered motor. Lifting Hoists Direct is able to supply many types of these hoists from JDN at extremely competitive prices. Call our team for a quick quote!

The JDN Mini air hoist range includes 4 models with lifting capacities ranging from 125kg up to 1000kg. This incorporates the mini manipulator tool with one handed operation it is ideal for bench work.

The JDN Profi air hoist series has the largest model range with 19 various capacities to choose from. These range from 0.25tonne (250kg) up to a whopping 100 tonne. Because these  hoists are a modular design there are many choices to be made. Each model has a choice of operating controls, with rope control, sensitive control (FI), single speed (E), multi function control (F) and electro-pneumatic interface control. A choice of trolley systems, hooks, housing finishes, chain containers and more are all options. See each hoist range for particular details.

Other JDN Air Hoists

The JDN ‘M’ air hoist series are designed for underground mining in particular. Although they are also used in other industrial areas. This range has just two models with 1-2 tonne (1 t with 1 chain fall, 2 t with 2 chain falls) and 3-6 tonne lifting capabilities (3t with 1 chain fall & 6 t with 2 chain falls).

The ‘big bag’ handling range incorporates 2 models with 1100kg and 2200kg capacities. They can have 1 or 2 hooks  which are spaced away from the main hoist motor and make lifting, moving and lowering big bags easy.

Are Pneumatic Hoists ATEX Rated?

All J.D.Neuhaus pneumatic hoists are suitable for use in various hazardous areas. Due to being explosion proof. Check individual Atex ratings on each model range for specifics. JDN  hoists are used in a vast array of industrial sectors. Including airplane yards for the handling of plane parts during manufacture, repair of maintenance. They are widely used throughout the mining industry as well as ship building, paint industries, saw mills, paper mills, tyre plants, pyro technique industries, construction, food, glass, chemical, offshore, pharmaceutical, plant construction, crane manufacturers, foundries and many more.

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