GIS Electric Hoists

GIS electric chain hoists have been in use around the world for many years. They are a well trusted brand. Lifting Hoists Direct can supply the 3 models from this Swiss manufacturer at the keenest of prices.

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Why buy a GIS electric Chain hoist?

GIS have been manufacturing hoists for over 50 years, and continuously keep up with the latest technological advances. This means that GIS powered hoists are constantly evolving. Ensuring you get the highest productivity from these hoists. Other factors at the forefront of development are safety, longevity, ease of use, easy maintenance and repairs and versatility.

There are currently three models in the GIS collection and whichever electric chain hoist model you choose you can be assured of the highest quality and a hoist with the latest technological advances.

What GIS Hoist Models are there?GIS electric hoists

GIS manufacture the highly efficient GCH electric chain hoist and have been since 2005. The GCH is a popular hoist which has been produced since 2005 and is used across a wide range of industries. The range includes many models with lifting capacities ranging from 250kg up to 2500kg, though has a good range of duty classification options which may higher the SWL.

The latest hoist range from GIS is the GPM range (produced since 2014) and the GP range. (produced since January 2017) Eventually this will supersede the older GCH hoist range. The GPM is currently available in only a 250kg model. Whilst the latest GP range has 250 & 500kg standard models, this will increase in the near future. Read more about GIS here

The GP range has special models with lifting capacities up to 2500kg. The GIS GP Special Products include Atex rated models, Corrosion resistant versions, single phase options and handy tool options. As well as hoists for use with wind turbines and for use in the entertainment industries.

Buying a GIS electric chain hoist

Lifting Hoists Direct can supply the range of GIS hoists at competitive prices. We also offer full back-up services. This includes 24 hour engineers for breakdown problems, servicing, repairs and thorough inspections.

Fill in the rapid enquiry form to email us your enquiry or pick up the phone and dial 01384 76961 for help or to place an order.

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