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Lifting Hoists Direct has a great selection of Tirfor hand winch options. With 800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg lifting capacity options, and more models coming soon including the Jockey and the 500 series.

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What is a Tirfor Winch?

A tirfor winch is another type of hoisting/winching device which is highly portable and very versatile. As well as lifting and pulling these devices are also ideal for lowering, guying and tensioning applications.

These winches have no wheels or gears and works on the Tirfor principal. This principal means the wire rope is pulled through the machine by two pairs of jaws. Pulling alternately, similar to pulling hand over hand.tirfor winch

The grip exerted by the powerful jaws on the wire rope is proportional to the load which means the heavier the load, the tighter the jaws will grip. Lifting Hoists Direct will always have a  winch for sale, call us for details.

How To Use a Tirfor Winch?

A Tirfor hand winch is very simple to operate. A telescopic lever is moved back and forth to move the jaws and so the rope. The lever can be placed in two locations, one for a forward pulling motion and one for a reverse pulling motion.

They are easy to attach to an anchor point by means of its anchoring hook or pin. Depending on the model; it is recommended to use a suitable sling for attaching the load. You should NEVER use the wire rope to wrap around the load. You must ALWAYS remove the load before trying to release the jaws.

There is also a rope release lever which enables the wire rope to be both fed in and freely pulled out to the required length.

Tirfor’s  can have an increased lifting capacity by the use of the sheave block technique. Used correctly this can increase the lifting capacity by 2, 3, 4 or more depending on the number of sheaves used.

sheave block technique

Tirfor Winch Safety Information

All of the models in this range have an overloading safety system which uses shear pins. If the machine is overloaded one or more shear pins within the operating lever will shear off. When the pins shear it will prevent the additional forward or lifting movement. The reverse movement is still possible to enable lowering or loosening/slackening of the load.

These hand winches will always carry spare shear pins. These are located either in the bottom of the lever or in the rope release lever. The spares enable you to quickly replace any sheared pins, remember to replace a.s.a.p. To do this, the sheared pin will need to be removed with a suitable punch. Then re-fit the lever in the forward position and align the grooves/holes to accept the new shear pin and hammer securely in place. (Only genuine  shear pins should be used).

Tirfor Maintenance

Tirfor winches and other cable pullers need very little maintenance in order to keep them performing well. You should always keep the machine clean and well lubricated. And also ensure there are no loose, foreign bodies have entered the body which could interfere with operation.

You should regularly check the wire rope for defects such as kinks and broken wires. It is also prudent to have your Tirfor’s inspected and load tested at regular intervals to comply with safety regulations.

Buying a Tirfor

Looking for a Tirfor winch for sale ? contact Lifting Hoists Direct for a quick and highly competitive quote. For similar devices you may like to compare the Yaletrac cable puller range or our economy range for the cheapest prices around.

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