Using ATEX Rated Hoists in Hazardous Environments

Hoists are used in dozens of industries worldwide, finding themselves being utilised for many, many different applications. From assistance on the production line to lifting scenery on stages, there’s almost no limit to what they can do. One of the most important roles that hoists play, however, is operation within hazardous environments. For this, ATEX…
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Frequently Asked Questions About ATEX Hoists

Lifting hoists are used in dozens of industries around the world, thanks to their wide range of abilities. Whether it’s helping to complete the construction of a building, to aid the production line of automobiles or to conduct deep mining operations, lifting hoists play a vital part in the way that the world works. Many…
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What Does ATEX Rated for Hoists Mean?

There are many certifications, standards and regulations that apply to equipment, workplaces and health and safety around the world- one of these for example being for ATEX rated hoists. These certifications and ratings ensure that workers are protected and working environments are kept safe. There are dozens of these laws and regulations that apply to…
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