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Large D Shackles

There is a choice of two types of large d shackles available for lifting and hoisting applications. One has a standard type screw pin and the other has a safety bolt. The latter comes in higher lifting capacities up to 11.25 tonne whilst the screw pin shackle goes up to 9.5 tonne.

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Large Bow Shackles

Our large bow shackle range includes the screw pin type and the safety bolt type. Both come in working load limits ranging from 0.15 tonne up to 15 tonne.

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Green Pin Bow Shackles


Our choice of green pin bow shackles enable connections for angled pulling/lifting applications. They are available in standard screw pin with WLL up to 55 tonne or safety bolt options with WLL up to 85 tonne. Read below to find out more.

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Green Pin D Shackles


Our green pin quality D shackles come in a choice of screw pin or safety bolt fittings and with working load limits up to 55 tonne and 85 tonne respectively. They make the ideal connection between two items for straight, in-line lifting applications.

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Chain Slings

Chain slings are used for many types of slinging tasks associated with lifting heavy loads. Lifting Hoists Direct can supply 1, 2, 3 & 4 leg chain slings in grade 8 with the possibility of lifting loads over 30 tonne (chain type and size dependant).

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Flat Web Slings

Flat web slings provide a heavy duty lifting strap typically used alongside a lifting hoist. Lifting Hoists Direct can supply duplex (double layer) webbing slings with working load limits up to 10 tonne as standard.

Using the lifting gear industry standard colour coding system our webbing straps have easily recognisable safe working load limits.


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Round Slings

If you need to lift more delicate loads that you do not want marking and need a little extra cushioning during the lifting process then a round sling would probably be the best option.

We can supply this type of lifting sling in safe working loads from 1 tonne up to 12 tonne and with circumferences up to 12 metres.


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Delta Universal Plate Lifting Clamp


Because the Delta Plate Lifting clamp is a universal design it can handle sheet materials both horizontally and vertically meaning you don’t need two different clamp types if you need to handle your sheets in both orientations. Angled lifting is also allowed with some restrictions, find out more below.

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